Monday, 20 June 2016

6 Hour Satisfaction Breakfast! Raw Berries & Seeds.

6 Hour Satisfaction Breakfast! Raw Berries & Seeds

This breakfast keeps me satisfied, the cravings at bay and focused on the tasks of the day for 6 whole hours! You can switch it up with different fruit or switch the seeds up for different types. It's as quick as cereal and so cheap you'll be wanting it every morning. 

(Serves 1)
1 large handful frozen mango
1 large handful frozen raspberries 
1 handful frozen or raw banana 
1 tbsp buckwheat groats*
1 tbsp flaxseed 
250ml boiling water 
1/4 tsp cinnamon 

Mix all in a bowl and top with the boiling water. This thaws the fruit and allows the flaxseed to thicken the water. Serve and enjoy! 

Using frozen fruit saves on time chopping as you can just pour it in the bowl. 

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you keep satisfied for up to 6 hours! 

*buckwheat groats are seeds which are more starchy unlike normal seeds which tend to be more fatty. They can be eaten like this raw or can be cooked to become fluffy. You can buy them from Tesco, Waitrose and most health food shops. 

6 Hour Satisfaction Breakfast! Raw Berries & Seeds

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